About Leanmind Consulting

Leanmind Consulting started in 2008 with a prime focus to provide lean implementation support service to various businesses, who want to take the organization into the path of “Transformational Change”.

The approach of Leanmind Consulting is “making minds lean”. As we know, the key element for success of LEAN implementation in any organization depends on the PEOPLE.

People and Process form the key elements in any business and lean’s approach is to reduce the process LEADTIME by identifying and eliminating wastes in the processes.

To achieve leadtime reduction in processes, people play a critical role and hence, we focus on people before process and through them create a “Continuous Improvement Culture” across organization, which in the long term helps to sustain the Lean transformation.

Also, our approach to drive transformational improvementis through a Six Sigma based DATA centric approach. These databased approach removes the conflicts in people due to their assumptions/perceptions and helps in building a team approach.

Leanmind approach is not a traditional consulting one, but whereas, we work closely from top management through down the line people in the organization and hand hold them to implement lean tools and techniques, so as to create a CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTCULTURE in the organization Leanmind Consulting, with its expertise in implementing Lean, can develop and successfully implement a Lean based Transformation strategy specific to your organization.

Our General Approach to Lean based Transformation Strategy

  • Lean Assessment - Study the various business processes, meet key people & Collect basic data to understand the existing business challenges
  • Organization Value Chain Mapping - Validate the challenges with detailedBusiness Nos:
  • Lean concepts Training- Share and create a common understanding & need in the organization for change
  • BusinessProcess Mapping - Map the various existing business processes
  • 5 Step - Breakthrough Kaizen Event-Team based approach toIdentify the opportunities (wastes) in the system
  • Standardized Thinking Approach - Observe, Analyze, Brainstorm and Improve the Identified opportunities using a structured process
  • Performance Monitoring - Sustaining the improvements thru review & monitoring
  • Business Planning & Review - Aligning functional operational Goals with Organizational Business Goals.
  • Annual Business Goal Setting - Long term Business Planning Strategy

Leanmind Consulting has successfully helped a wide range of companies in various fields like Electronics, Electrical Infrastructure, Apparels, Paper & Engineering Manufacturing etc., in their Lean journey.